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Every bag of Nutribyte Large to Giant Breed Puppy food contains only the highest quality digestible ingredients, vitamins & minerals and essential co-factors to ensure that your puppy grows at a healthy pace. Nutribyte Large to Giant Breed Puppy diet is formulated by a leading Veterinarian and an expert in Animal Nutrition using the latest in scientific research and have been strengthened with over 7 different co-factors to give your puppy only the best nutrition after weaning. By using exclusively imported protein sources and higher levels of rice, Nutribyte Large to Giant Breed Puppy diet can truly offer balanced growth in every Byte! 

Guaranteed Analysis (g/kg)

Crude Protein 260 (min)
Moisture 100 (max)
Total Fat 120 (min)
Crude Fibre 35 (max)
Crude Ash 70 (max)
Calcium 11 (max)
Phosphorus 10 (min)
Omega-6 fatty acids 18
Omega-3 fatty acids 5
Taurine 1250 mg/kg
MOS & FOS 1000 mg/kg
L-Carnitine 300 mg/kg
ß-Glucan 250 mg/kg
Glucosamine 800 mg/kg
Chondroitin 350 mg/kg