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Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein: 250g/kg Min
Moisture: 100g/kg max
Crude Fat: 110g/kg min
Crude Fibre: 35g/kg max
Crude Ash: 80g/kg max
Linoleic Acid: 20g/kg Min

Phosphorus Ratio: 1.1-1.5 : 1
Omega 6 : 3
Ratio: 5-10:1

Directions For Use:
Supplement your regular dog food with Liebe OR use as a complete diet for the best results.

Introducing Your Dog To Liebe- Full Diet:
Over a 7 day period (week) gradually increase the amount of Liebe:
Day 1&2 : Substitute 25%
Day 3&4 : Substitute 50%
Day 5&6 : Substitute 75%
Day 7 : 100% Liebe