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Good quality animal protein source as number one ingredient. Addition of egg as a protein source provides the full amino acid profile.

Wheat and maize free.

Added omega 3 oils using pure fish oil to achieve the correct ratio of omega 6 : omega 3 oils in the diet.

Beta-carotene, folic acid and organic zinc to help support reproduction. High energy nutritional profile to support lactation.

Unique blend of prebiotics, nucleotides and butyrate to aid in digestive development and health. With activated clays to help bind health damaging mycotoxins in the gut and vital organs.

Glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health and mobility.

Ingredient list

Poultry Meal, Rice, Sorghum, Oil blend (Poultry fat, Soybean oil, Canola oil, Linseed oil), Fish Oil – (Sardine, Pilchard and Anchovy), Dehydrated Poultry blood protein, Dehydrated whole egg, Sugar beet fibre, Alfalfa, Poultry-derived palatability enhancer, Methionine, Calcium phosphate, Sodium chloride, Clinoptilolite, Zeolite, Fructooligosaccharides, Mannooligosaccharides, Butyrate, Nucleotides, Natural mixed-tocopherols, Rosemary extract, Vitamins and trace minerals, Approved acidifying agents

Nutrients list:

Protein: 28.5%, Fat: 16%, Moisture: 10%, Crude Fibre: 4%, Crude Ash: 6%, Calcium: 1.4%, Phosphorous: 1.1%, Ca:P :  1.4:1, Glucosamine and Chondroitin 400mg/kg (min), Beta Carotene 20mg/kg, Folic Acid 0.3mg/kg, Organic Zinc 40mg/kg, Prebiotics 300mg/kg, Butyrate and Nucleotides 300mg/kg